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We constantly put all our efforts into developing and producing the most innovative, exciting, high performance, revolutionary beauty and eye wellness products, for both woman and man all over the world. We strike to collaborate with our Agents & Dealers in order to engineer products that deliver sound business results.

Beauty And Wellness Revolution /

Beauté et Bien–Étre Révolution


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Eye Vitamin and Human Health

Cellglò Crystal Eyes is the cutting edge technology in the area of “Eye Health and Body Wellness”. By using two (2) main botanical Carotenoid ingredients, LUTEIN and ASTAXANTHIN together with other nine (9) types of wild berries and natural fruits. Cellglo Crystal Eye is far more effective and can produce result in just matter of days ! Cellglo Crystal Eyes is formulated by renown bio-chemist from France who has discovered that this formula can inhibit the damaging effects of oxidative UV blue light stress that can eventually lead to eye Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Dryness, Cataracts, Floaters, Glaucoma, Astigmatism, Lazy Eyes (Amblyopia), Shortsightedness (Myopia), Presbyopia, Detached or Torn Retina, & Night Blindness.

Cellglò Crystal Eyes Revolution

Cellglò Crème 21 Revolution

Wouldn’t you like to be known for your BEAUTY and WELLNESS ? Beautiful skin begins with healthy cells. Cellglò Crème 21 is created scientifically, using formulations used by many top beauty spas several years ago in France. Cellglò Crème 21 is formulated by French Biochemist, Prof Dr. Patrick Alex and his team. Now Cellglò Crème 21 wholly owns by Olicell Group (M) Sdn Bhd Cellglò Crème 21 is a blend of advanced proprietary hydro extraction which is a 100% from natural plants; super rich in plant proteins, amino acids and bio-stimulins, the two (2) main ingredients in this miracle Cellglò Crème 21 are Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) and Phyto-Placenta (Soy Bean).

“Phyto Placenta has been the 1st choice for many women including renowned celebrities from all over the World.”

“Change now ! Take advantage of the benefits of truly beautiful skin and healthy body.“

Olicell Group revolutionizing the world of Beauty & Wellness

Why Become A Dealer? We strive to fulfill your every need by providing creative products of superior quality, at the most reasonable prices. Besides these, we have combined cutting-edge technologies, proven systems, and passionate people from all over the world to build a successful brand and company. We will offer a tremendous amount of value to our partnering Agents & Dealers.

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