Wild Glycine Soja (Wild soy bean) is a non genetically modified (GMO) plant. Our Phyto-Placenta is derived from this hydrolyzed Wild Soy bean protein gel. It is designed to offer a composition that mimics the natural biological effects of mammal placenta. The functions of Phyto-Placenta in help our skin to develop and form Collagen Type 3. This Collagen Type 3 in many ways helps to maintain the firmness and smoothness of our skin. It works best to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

collagen type 1 2 3

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AT Early age

The skin of children between 4 to 10 years old have 90% Collagen Type 3 and 10% Collagen Type I. Their skin are found to be smooth and without wrinkles.

Above 45 years of age

The skin of adult above 45 years old have only 10% Collagen type 3 and 90% Collagen Type I. Their skin might be found to be smooth but with wrinkles.

percentage evolution

In fact, after average of 30 years old, the percentage of Collagen Type 3 is left only about 50% or less. The main reason causing the reduction in Collagen 3 is hormone imbalance due to environmental pollutions, chemicals from food and stress. (As refer to below diagram)

Collagen Type 3

Is the primary reason for the skin to look youthful, smooth, radiance, without wrinkles and fine lines in young skin.

Phyto Placenta
The next generation in skin care

Bio Active Phyto Placenta ingredient used in cosmeceuticals that promises to deliver superior long lasting results without any side effect.

The 21st Century Face Beauty Cream with Phyto–Placenta

All beautiful human skin begins with healthy cell. Cellglò Crème 21 products are latest scientifically created using special formulations once exclusive only to some top France Beauty Spas in France. CellglòCrème 21 feature on ultra-active Phyto-Placenta (Wild Soy Bean) embryonic cells proven to give your skin a “Kick-Start” (stimulate) cell regeneration process and improve oxygen supply to cells. It is also found to be enriched with Hyaluronic acid that retains the moisture in the skin. Phyto-Placenta invigorates human skin and effectively reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It is potent reverse-aging therapy for both female and male.

Produced by state of art technology of Hydro extraction from France, we produce the finest and most excellent quality of numerous botanical extracts with potent rejuvenating properties that firms and tones your skin. Our formulations can penetrates deep into the skin dermis thus very effectively reducing wrinkle lines and promoting a younger healthier looking facial complexion. Cellglò Creme 21 is clinically tested and is appropriate for all skin types.Its does not contain any parabens, animal & plant hormones, artificial colouring alcohol, mineral oil, comedogenic ingredients, lanolin, allergens, petrolatum, propylene glycol and many others synthetic ingredients that can harm our human skin.

Our Cellglò Creme 21 is an advanced proprietary hydro extraction blend that is super rich with plants protein, amino acids and biostimulins. While containing no components from any animal parts origin, our Cellglò Creme 21 phyto-placenta is derived from hydrolyzed Wild Soy bean protein gel and is designed to offer a composition that mimics the natural biological effects of mammal placenta. To maintain youthfulness, it demonstrates activity of stimulation of the cellular turnover on all skin cell growth and renewal by using its origins process call Natural Transdermal Absorption. Cellglò Crème 21 is design to bring back your skin the radiance, flawless look and firm up skin holistically. Behold the vitality and true beauty of growing years.

Contains 2 main types of ultra-active natural botanical ingredients with 6 others main ingredients and others selected safe ingredients with no side effects that its can be used on both Facial Beauty & Body Wellness. Cellglò Creme 21 are carried deep into our meridians points and blood circulation system through capillaries and transport to various organs and glance to produce hormones, thus smoothness the flow of blood and in our body functions. Cellglò Crème 21 promises to deliver long lasting and visible results with 100% safety even on Babies skin!!