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Great news for everyone in 2018, we are having our company 4th Anniversary on the 11 Nov 2018 ( Sunday). Venue : Berjaya Time Square Hotel ( Time Square) Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur. Enquiries please call Kelly Chow : 010-7954391.

Body Care

Nourishment for Healthier Body

    Daily Benefits of using Cellglò Crème 21
1) Protect our body from illness and infections. 2) Prevent body allergies, toxics and free radicals. 3) Regulate our body’s hormone. 4) Promote immune system.

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Cellglò Crème 21 brings you an advanced health concept :

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The ability of Cellglò Crème 21 to be absorbed Transdermally, allows the natural, high quality ingredients from Cellglò Crème 21 to to be transported from our skin into the capillaries. These nutrients will then be carried into our blood circulatory system, to stimulate hormonal production in glands found all over our body system. Hence, Cellglò Crème 21 is an effective Hormone Balancer.

Induction of hormone production in our body systems by transdermally absorbed Cellglò Crème 21 carries NO side effects. It solves the problems of many unwanted side effects caused by hormone replacement therapy (HRT), that are taken orally or via injections.


If you apply Cellglò Crème 21 on soft meridian points (qi points) or acu points, and massage gently, the product absorbed into the blood stream will smoothen the blood and qi flow in our body. When blood and qi flow is improved, the overall functions of the body will be improved. 

 Balances hormones and regulates the 8 major body systems


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