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Facial Care

    Nourishment through Our Face (Beauty) (After 14 days using on Lymph Node)

Benefits of using Cellglò Crème 21 daily:

  • Protects our skin from diseases and infections.

  • Prevents skin allergies and sunburn effects.

  • Regulates our skin temperature from dehydration.

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Apply twice a day (Morning & Night):

(After 14 days using on Lymph Node)

Wash Clean Apply Cream Picture5
Cleanse with Cellglo Deep Cleansing Bar Apply Crème 21 lightly and evenly Result proven in just 5 minutes

* Daily usage:
For Age 20-30: apply once (1x) a day with 1 press – Night only
For Age 31-40: apply twice (2x) a day with 1 press – Morning & Night
For Age 41-55: apply twice (2x) a day with 2 presses – Morning & Night
For Age 56-70+: apply triple (3x) a day with 2 presses – Morning, Afternoon & Night.


Method of Application:

face-method apply cream


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